(Los Angeles, CA)


"We started in my living room", explains singer and mandolin player Joshua Linden, "This band was never meant to do much more then play a few pubs and get some free drinks. But once we started playing around LA, we developed a following as well as a love for what we were doing."


With the spark lit and a unique take on folk-influenced punk, the band released their first full length themselves, entitled Second City.  A year later, they found themselves back in the studio, this time signed to independent Hermosa Beach label Hardline Entertainment and recording their second LP, Miles to Go Before We Sleep. Artistically, this proved to be a turning point for the band, as they had finally found their sound, blending a mix of Americana and Irish folk, while leaning heavily on their punk rock roots.


Soon after the album’s release, the band hit the road, playing up and down the west coast and spending a month back east, sharing the stage with acts ranging from Death By Stereo to Old Man Markley, and once again proving they could play with any band from any genre of music.


Two years after Miles to Go, the band began writing for a new album. Major obstacles hit the band, but with the upcoming release of Mourners, Hoist the Colors is feeling stronger and more confident than ever. Mourners is the most honest music the band has ever written, as the sound is solidified by soulful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a heavy dose of twang.


“I think on Mourners, we focused hard on what we do best,” states lead guitarist Jeff Murphy. “None of us claim to be virtuoso musicians. We don’t have a gimmick or over the top stage personas. But we can write a song. And we take songwriting extremely seriously.”


Although darker than the first two albums, ultimately Mourners offers hope and a message that some things must not be given up, especially one’s passion for the things that make life worth living. Mourners will be available for purchase in Fall 2016 on iTunes and at, and streaming on Spotify and Rhapsody.